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Chapter 5:

A New Beginning

Like neon lipstick or communism, getting your ex back is great in theory but gets very tricky to actually pull off IRL. At least it does for lesser females—not for you. That’s because you’ve done the work, made the emotional changes, mastered the manipulation and are truly a better version of yourself. You’re not bluffing that you’re different and there’s a whole new dynamic at play. That’s the reality, and he knows it

So how do you take things out of your DMs and back into real life with a fresh start? 

Well, firstly, you have to actually want to do that. You may get to this point, see this guy’s attention shift to you and go...Eh, actually no thanks. Sometimes we just have to prove to ourselves we can flip the script and get our power back. Sometimes it’s about the win. So now that you’ve leveled up, really think long and hard about whether or not this guy is good enough for you. 

If he is and you want to give your relationship another try, our final video will walk you through solidifying that commitment now that you’ve got him eating out of your hand!

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