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Chapter 4:


With the police sketch of your ex complete—even if it’s rudimentary or vague—you’re ready to start reverse-engineering your new persona and behavior. 

Remember, this is NOT about you transforming into a totally different person. I would never tell you to do that for a man, or anyone, and moreover, it won’t work. He’ll see through that and recoil at how hard you're trying to impress him. 

Instead, this chapter will tell you how to dial up the aspects of yourself that appeal most to his police sketch, and how to dial down the negative behaviors that aren’t serving you. Think “Be more aloof and less confrontational,” not “Be more into anal and less into Jesus.” 

Your hobbies, goals, politics, sexual boundaries—none of that changes. If anything, you’re going to turn them up, not down.

Using the data from his police sketch, this next video will help you figure out what to amplify for maximum emotional impact and what to minimize based on his weak spots and shadow self. 

Then, you’ll complete the worksheet to map out, step by step, exactly what to post on social media and what to say when he gets in touch!

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