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Chapter 3:

Police Sketch

Let the games begin, Shalligators. Now that you’ve done all the hard stuff—icing him out, doing that autopsy, taking responsibility for your own behaviors—you’re perfectly positioned to be exquisitely manipulative. Gone is the weepy emo girl feverishly texting 11 paragraphs at 2am. She’s been replaced by an alpha female who knows her worth and is ready to weaponize all of her assets. 

In this chapter, I’ll tell you how to craft what I call“the “police sketch” of your target’s perfect woman. Cleopatra, Meghan Markle and Hailey Baldwin are all very different women but each one employed this exact same method. 

We’ll draw on shadow selves, Robert Greene’s The Art of Seduction, celebrity crushes and even his mother to morph into an irresistible temptress...while still remaining your authentic, best self. 

Sound a little sinister? Good. It is. Utter honesty hasn’t gotten you very far so it’s time to take back control. You know my motto: there’s no such thing as fighting dirty—there’s just fighting. 

Watch the next video to figure out exactly how to craft your perfect seductive character, burn off negative perceptions and sink your teeth into your man...without him even realizing it!

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